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Georgetown Community Theatre, founded by Carol Brannock in 2001,  and Georgetown Children's Theatre (Stage Left) seek to provide quality theatrical experiences through training and education of those involved in all aspects of theater productions. We emphasize literacy and culture in our work.
We educate, we enrich, we entertain!

As a “homeless” theatre troupe, GCT must rely on the community for many things: theatre space, rehearsal space, funding, as well as actors, producers, directors, musicians and most importantly benefactors. That’s where you come in. 


As a patron you are both the reason for our existence and largely our major source of funding.  Each dollar of your ticket price goes toward the many expenses involved in making these plays come to life.  A short list of where your money goes is: securing the rights to perform the play (often the largest part of any production budget); stipends for directors and musicians; costumes, props and set supplies; rental of rehearse and performance space; and equipment rental (microphones, lights, special effects, etc.).  As a non-profit theatre troupe each and every dollar goes toward the productions as we have no paid staff (all board members and cast members are volunteers) and no theater to maintain. When you come to one of our shows, we want to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts, because it's not just a ticket you are purchasing. You are giving us a donation to keep doing what we love for this community!


 We are dedicated to offering a rewarding theatre experience for everyone involved and will continue to do so with your encouragement. Thank you so much for your continuted support of the arts! Because without you, none of this would be possible.

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